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National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration Program (Section 227)
Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon, adjacent to Netarts Bay, one of the Section 227 demonstration sites.
Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon, adjacent to Netarts Bay, one of the Section 227 demonstration sites.
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Commonly referred to as Section 227 (of the U.S. Water Resources and Development Act of 1996), this program is an applied research effort by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Monitored by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), its objectives are to provide state-of-the-art coastal shoreline protection. Its emphasis is on evaluation of innovative or nontraditional approaches to help prevent coastal erosion and to improve shoreline sediment retention.

A variety of shore protection devices and methods are being constructed, administered, and evaluated at a number of sites throughout the United States with diverse shoreline morphologies. The program requires a minimum of two on the Atlantic coast, two on the Pacific coast, two on the Great Lakes, and one on the Gulf of Mexico. These shore protection structures must have scientific support for projected performance and must not affect the aesthetic appeal of the area. Both patented devices and nonproprietary methods are permissible.

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Coastal Shore Protection Structures and Techniques
A range of structural and non-structural shore protection types and techniques involve innovative methods of construction or implementation.
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Section 227 Authorizing Language
Keywords: Sediment budget Sediment analysis Shoreline change Coastal GIS Morphologic evaluation Inlet evolution Channel evolution Coastal flooding Coastal erosion Storm damage Coastal Sediment management Coastal engineering Beach nourishment Shoreline erosion Beach sediment Rock revetment Bar erosion Barrier beach Beach dewatering Cobble revetment Beach erosion Beach profiles Shore profiles Nearshore profiles Sand overwash Geotextile containers Groins Cross-shore beach profiles Submerged reef system Submerged headland Wave-induced erosion Grain sediment pathways Bed form movement Bank erosion Pocket beach Coral rubble groins Perched beach Submerged nearshore breakwater

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